Emergency Support

Emergency Support 2021-2023

Following the military coup in February 2021, millions of people are at risk of hunger, according to the UN. 3.4 million people may not have enough to eat in the next six months.

Our friends in Myanmar confirm that more and more people are losing their jobs and can no longer afford food. They asked us if we could support needy families in their organization "Thukha Myanmar". We were promised personal sponsorships for some individual families.

For 33 Swiss francs a family of five receives rice, oil and onions for one month and does not have to suffer from hunger.

The people in Myanmar are infinitely grateful for financial help and prayers that give them confidence in these politically uncertain times.     

Money for Work 

Since April 2022, we support people in need a new way as help for self-help:
By working in charitable projects in their village, they receive wages as a contribution to their cost of living.

They clean roads and land, repair bamboo bridges, build fences, clean wells, clean at schools and in the hospital. The people are grateful for getting a contribution to food for their families, enjoy the work and good fellowship and see the benefits of clean villages.

From April to December 2023, we supported several times up to 250 families in 17 villages.

Ann 1 September 2022
Ann 2  September 2022
Hinywent 1 July 2022
Kanmah 1 July 2022
Kanmah 2 July 2022
Kha Maung Chaung 1 July 2022
Kha Maung Chaung 2 July 2022
Kywetaling 1 August 2022
Kywetaling 2 August 2022
Naykan 1 August 2022
Naykan 2 August 2022
Nyaundon 1 August 2022
Nyaundon 2 August 2022
Puang Thay 1  September 2022
Puang Thay 2  September 2022
Pyin Taung 1  September 2022
Pyin Taung 2  September 2022
Talaingtaung 1 June 2022
Talaingtaung 2 June 2022
Thang Chaung 1  September 2022
Thang Chaung 2  September 2022
Yangon 1 August 2022
Yangon 2 August 2022
Kywetaling 3 photo_2023-08-22_16-05-33-2
Yangon 2 photo_2023-08-22_15-36-47-2

Families living below the subsistence level, who urgently need support

Report on the twelve families getting monthly financial support (May 2022)

Most of them buy rice, which is the main food for Myanmar. With rice they can survive even though they cannot buy curry, meat, good vegetables, or other food. Myanmar is facing a big hardship, and people urgently need safety, protection, food, and peace. Among them, food is the most important. They thank you all very much from their deepest heart and always pray for you.

Of the twelve families two have come to a better situation receiving a monthly income. In May these families have been replaced by 1) the family of U Aung Taung in Yangon, who has no monthly income, and 2) the widow Khin Htwe in Taung Gyi, whose husband passed away last month from COVID 19. They also don’t have an income now and urgently need support.


Food Support December 2021

From the donations related to the charity concert we were able to provide rice to 207 families of “Thukha Myanmar” and 110 neighbor families as a Christmas present.

The families are very happy so grateful for this present.

dev photo_2021-12-19_10-17-22
dev photo_2021-12-19_10-15-16
dev photo_2021-12-19_10-16-16
dev photo_2021-12-19_10-16-25
dev photo_2021-12-19_10-16-34
dev photo_2021-12-19_10-16-46
dev photo_2021-12-19_10-16-52
dev photo_2021-12-19_10-16-58
dev photo_2021-12-19_10-17-05
dev photo_2021-12-19_10-17-10
dev photo_2021-12-19_10-16-52
dev photo_2021-12-19_10-17-10
dev photo_2021-12-19_10-17-22
dev photo_2021-12-19_10-16-25

Food Support September 2021

Thanks to generous donations we could again transfer CHF 5000 to “Thukha Myanmar” in Yangon for food support. 

We are also happy that we can support the Microfinance team in Yangon with money for COVID19 vaccine. 

The families are so grateful to all who donated.

Certificate August 31, 2021
Dev 92021 (15)
Dev 92021 (20)
Dev 92021 (24)
Dev Ann
Dev Aung Kyaw Oo
Dev Hinywent
Dev Kha Maung Chaung
Dev Magway
20211010_Mai Mai

COVID Support July 2021

The people in Myanmar heavily suffer under an extreme 3rd wave of the COVID pandemic. Every day over 1000 people die. There is no medicine available and there is a lack of oxygen.

In July we have been able to transfer money to "Thukha Myanmar" to buy three oxygen concentrators, which are used to treat COVID patients who have difficulties breathing. 

“Thukha Myanmar” is extremely grateful to all people for their donations.

Monicapaw (1)

Food Support June 2021

Thanks to generous donations we could transfer CHF 5000 to “Thukha Myanmar” in Yangon. Through this a total of 179 families were supported with food for the month of June. Each family has received a bag of rice, a little bottle of cooking oil and one kilogram of onions. Many families will share their rice with neighbors.

The “Thukha Myanmar” families are so grateful to all who donated.

Letter of Appreciation June dev
Group Ann  (7) dev
Group Ann  (10) dev
Oil and Onions for Ann dev
Group Ann Kyaw TAling dev
Group Pyaung Thay dev
Magway 2 dev
Magway 3 dev
Than Chaung dev
Magway 5 dev
Kha Maung Chaung dev
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