Student Support

Student Support 2023/24

Due to the difficult political and economic situation, millions of people in Myanmar are threatened by hunger and poverty. Our friends in Myanmar confirm that more and more people have lost their jobs and can no longer pay for their children's school fees. We were asked if we could support students of needy families. This will enable the young people to get an education and later support their families. Students of the 5th-11th grade in different villages were carefully selected. They have a great will to learn and their parents cannot afford the cost of school. The monthly need for a student is 35 Swiss francs for food and books and another 35 Swiss francs for tuition fees. The parents try to pay for food and books themselves and ask us for a monthly support of 35 Swiss francs for the tuition of the school year from May 2023 - April 2024.     

Students who need support